Sporting activities
Winter so far north creates some restrictions. From October to March we have to follow the weather forcasts to find out if it is clear weather so we can look at the northern lights. From the end of February to the middle of May we ski a bit and prepare for the fishing season – What about skiing in the midnight sun from the midle of May? Summer becomes hectic with fishing and harvesting of early plants and herbs. It’s time to cycle in the forest and in the mountains for the toughest. Autumn comes with berries and mushrooms. We pack and freeze and make jams. Finally, a final rush to ensure that the winter supply of fish. While the evenings are getting shorter, day by day, we will se Aurora dancing again in October. Our boat must be stored at land and the first snow can fall any time now.
For all year around rain or shine warm or cold What we say Out for a walk, always happy

Food prices is increasing and we ask our self what we pay for

We try as far as possible to be active with our guests. Our focus is to cook from scratch. We fish in the sea. We pick berries and mushrooms. We pick herbs and useful plants. What we can not find in nature, is bought as raw materials in the store. We very rarely buy manufactured food.

Join or go on a trip yourself
If it’s right for you to be here, we can go for a walk together, fish a little and watch the sea eagle who knows us well (I usually share some of my catch with her). If you can manage yourself, you should get good advice for your safety. We can also help with some equipment. Arctic summer can offer both bad and nice weather. Sometimes snowing but also warm and quiet nights with the air full of mosquitos.

Equipment to rent
All what we have is to be shared. It is not state of the art equipment and our motto is: if it works for us and have a value, then it has a value. From fishing equipment, skies, snow boots, tent, sleepingbags.. what about a well working 5 seater station wagon?