Hi there traveller, my name is Asle Berntsen and I am the owner of Ekspressen-Camping, a wonderfully located Camping Site in Olderdalen within a very short walking distance of the ferry with a variety of accommodation options to choose from and various activities that are possible through winter and summer months and I welcome you to our website.

 Ekspressen Camping consists of cabins from 1968 and we want to keep these as authentic as they were at the time. This means that the standard is as good as a campsite could be at that time whilst having the standards required of a basic cabin for today.  

Challenging mountain areas are nearby, strap on your skis and experience Arctic mountains all year round. Fancy having a try at fishing in the fjord, hiking or foraging nearby? How about taking the trip in early summer in the midnight sun or staying on top in the sparkling northern lights? 

The ekspressen camping site in olderdalen is the perfect location for you, affordable and effective lodgings to suit travelling on a budget whilst not compromising on service or essential requirements.  

Ekspressen Camping is located in Olderdalen, close to the heather fjord and within short walking distance of the ferry quay. To get here in an environmentally friendly way from Tromsø City, you can take a bus from the bus terminal located at Prostneset. To check the timetable you can click https://www.tromskortet.no/getfile.php/1326952-1585812638/Rutetabeller%20%28pdf%29/2020/HOVEDTERMIN%20BUSS%20FRA%2006.01.20/REGION/150-01042020.pdf  You will therefore travel from Prostneset to olderdalen fk. The trip takes about 2 hours and 30 minutes. The buses usually have wifi.