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Olderdalen is a beautiful location in the Kåfjord municipality, sitting in Olderdalen valley on the Lyngen fjord with direct access to the ferry links of Lyngseidet and from there you can get the ferry to tromso. 

Olderdalen is bathed in some of the most stunning scenery you could ever imagine. Imagine Lord of the Rings in the mountains and you’ll be able to instantly visualise the breathtakingly beautiful surroundings and scenery.  

A wonderful location for travellers who love camping, staying in authentic huts & cabins, hiking, fishing, skiing cross country, boating on the fjord, hunting, painting, photography and more.  

Giving some beautiful opportunities to catch sight of the world famous auroras from the Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis) – this is a perfect location to take in the serenity and strikingly beautiful Norwegian v outstanding hospitality, and to have the most engaging vacation that you want to make it.  

Giving many options of activities for travellers along with the option of just relaxing and taking in the surroundings in peace and tranquility, Olderdalen is a must visit for anyone wishing to experience North Norway in it’s most natural setting and at it’s wild best, whilst still having the comfort of the modern amenities that you need to stay fresh and feeling well looked after.  

Our history, culture & customs are certainly something that you will want to experience and you will be very impressed by our retention of traditional customs and skills from our ancestors.